Mohammad Musharraf

Mohammad is a copywriter helping crypto and blockhain projects put out professional yet easy-to-understand content. He has worked with many major names in the industry ranging from Ledger to Cointelegraph and so on. Mohammad loves to explore new places and meet new people while travelling.

What is Cardano Article

What is Cardano and How Does it Work?

The evolution of blockchains and cryptocurrencies has been monumental in the last 10 years. We initially knew blockchains as a distributed ledger that could support a digital currency called cryptocurrency and record its transactions without an intermediary. This marked the first generation of blockchains. Soon, crypto innovators realized blockchains had a bigger potential than just …

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What is monero article

What is Monero (XMR) and How Does it Work?

Bitcoin’s release in 2008 sparked a flurry of innovations, pervading the domains of technology, finance, and so on. Although several fundamental concepts had been conceived, discussed, and developed for long, an inadequate technological framework hindered their actualization. Bitcoin marked the first stable implementation of a fully-decentralized, peer-to-peer financial system.  Notwithstanding Bitcoin’s significance and achievements, the …

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