Best Crypto Exchanges That Accepts Credit and Debit Cards

If you do not already own cryptocurrency and do not want to start mining directly as a means of getting your account filled with cryptocurrency tokens, then the best way through which you can gain exposure to the cryptocurrency market as a beginner is simply through using a cryptocurrency exchange.

However, initially, you will only have FIAT currency, which means that you will need to find a cryptocurrency exchange that provides you with an option to make a deposit with a credit or a debit card, after which you can purchase cryptocurrencies with FIAT currencies directly on the exchange.

Top 5 Exchanges that accept credit cards Ranking

We will be taking a deep dive into the world of cryptocurrency exchanges and give you an in-depth look at which exchange offers you the best credit card or debit card deposit options, and here is the list.


image 10 is a cryptocurrency exchange that, for the first 30 days, allows users to buy crypto with a credit card with 0% in fees. It also supports debit cards, and this is one of the main reasons why it is on the first spot on this list. Additionally, there are maker fees of 0.4% and taker fees of 0.4%, which is competitive. also has its own native cryptocurrency token known as the Coin (CRO).

#2 Etoro

image 11

eToro was originally founded in 2007, making it one of the oldest as well as most reputable exchanges on this list. It features fees that range from 0.75% to 2.90%, depending on the cryptocurrency in question. However, it also supports credit card and debit card deposits fully. This means that it is an excellent exchange through which newcomer investors can load up their accounts with FIAT currencies and use them to buy cryptocurrencies.

#3 Binance

image 12

Binance is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in terms of daily volume and has made a large reputation for itself throughout its years on the market. Users can gain access to over 500 crypto tokens to pick from, and it only has a maker and a taker fee of 0.1%. The exchange fully supports credit card and debit card deposits, which is why it has a large point of appeal for newcomers as well.

#4 Kraken

image 13

Kraken is a cryptocurrency exchange originally founded in 2011 which offers a wide range of cryptocurrencies for its users. Additionally, it is known due to its educational content that teaches newcomers everything they need to know about the world of cryptocurrencies. For advanced traders, Kraken also offers spot trading and margin up to 5x. It fully supports credit card and debit card deposits.

#5 Coinbase

image 14

Coinbase is a huge cryptocurrency exchange split across two platforms. First, there’s the original Coinbase platform, and then there is Coinbase Pro specifically tailored towards advanced traders. No matter which one is your preferred choice, you can make a deposit through the usage of a credit card or a debit card. It is an exchange founded in 2012 and supports a wide range of cryptocurrency tokens.

What is the best exchange that accepts credit cards?

The best exchange that accepts credit cards is due to the fact that users that decide to make deposits through this payment method do not have to pay any fees throughout the first 30 days.

Where can you buy Crypto with a credit card?

You can buy cryptocurrencies through the usage of a credit card at, eToro, Binance, Kraken, and Coinbase, all of which are exchanges that support this deposit method.

Is it safe to buy Crypto with a credit card?

Buying cryptocurrencies through the usage of a credit card is safe only on exchanges that have been verified, well-established, and put in heavy security measurements. Each of the exchanges on this list fills all of those standards, so as long as you use these, it will be a safe experience for you.


Hopefully, now you know everything you need to know in regards to buying cryptocurrencies through the usage of a credit card or a debit card. Each of these exchanges is an excellent and secure option that will provide you with the means of acquiring cryptocurrencies through the utilization of the FIAT currencies you already have on your account.