The Best Bitcoin & Crypto Affiliate Programs for Content Creators

Affiliate marketing is a method through which companies incentivise content creators to generate leads or guide traffic to their websites. This incentive is usually in the form of a commission for every purchase or lead that the guided traffic generates.

In the case of cryptocurrencies, this commission can be in the form of a cryptocurrency such as bitcoin. Some exchanges, for example, might offer a discount on trading fees, and some might offer a commission for every referral signup. If a right strategy of affiliate marketing is followed, then it can be a source of making some additional passive income.

Quick Summary For Fast Readers

  • Coinbase, eToro, and Binance offer some lucrative rewards in their affiliate marketing programs. Because they are popular exchanges, many affiliate marketers use their programs to monetize their content.
  • Ledger and Trezor are popular cryptocurrency wallets that also offer trusted (and lucrative) affiliate programs that users can check out.
  • Most affiliate programs discussed here offer at-least 10% commission on purchases made through a referral link.

The 5 Best Bitcoin & Crypto Affiliate Programs for Crypto Creators

  • eToro: This popular crypto exchange offers a reward of USD 50 for every referee that signs up and trades at-least USD 100. 
  • Coinbase: They offer a reward of USD 10 once your referee makes a trade of USD 100. 
  • PrivacyPros: It is a secure device that stores your seed phrase for your wallet. They offer a 15% commission for every purchase that a referee makes. 
  • Abra: Every referee that joins via your referral link gets a $25 signing bonus. When they make a deposit to their wallet, you get $25. 
  • They help prepare tax documents for cryptocurrency investments and offer a 25% recurring commission on every purchase that your referees make.

Earn Money with Referral Partnerships

When it comes to cryptocurrencies, there are several exchanges, wallets, and other related platforms that offer affiliate partnerships. While some might offer signing up bonuses, some offer a recurring commission on all trades. Below, we will be looking at some of the most common referral programs.

Crypto Exchanges Affiliate Programs

These are some of the popular cryptocurrency exchanges and their affiliate programs.


It is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in terms of trading volume. With the Binance Affiliate Program, you can share your referral link with your audience and earn up to 50% commission on every qualified trade. You receive commission whenever your referee makes a trade: either on Spot, Futures, Margin, and/or also Binance Pool. You can choose to be an affiliate for both Spot and Futures. To qualify as an individual, you need over 5000 subscribers on one or more social media platforms including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. For Binance Spot, if the number of your referrals go above 500 then you will get 50% commission, and below that you’ll get 41%. You can find more details about the program here.


With their referral program, you and your referee can get up to USD 10 once a trade of USD 100 is successfully completed. The condition to this is that the trade must happen within 180 days of sign up and can either be a complete USD 100 trade or be stretched across different currencies that equal USD 100. Do note, however, that your referral will have to buy and sell in a Coinbase-supported country. Additionally, you also earn 50% of your referee’s fees in the first three months. You can find more details about the affiliate program and the sign-up link here. For detailed information and some FAQs about the program, you can go here.


The exchange offers a lucrative 20% of the referee’s trading fees for as long as they stay with Kraken. It offers payments directly to the domestic currency of your bank account (and not the exchange account) and trades include spot trade fees, margin opening fees, and margin rollover fees. Social media influencers with over 5,000 subscribers/followers can join the program without needing to have a finance/crypto related account. If you are a website, then your content should be related to finance or cryptocurrencies with no minimum limit of monthly traffic. You can find more details about the program here.


The exchange offers a USD 50 reward for every referral that signs up on the exchange and makes a trade of at-least USD 100. In order to be eligible for the affiliate program, you must verify that you (and your referee) are from one of these eligible states listed on their website. Note that your referees need to make that trade within 30 days for you to get the bonus. Additionally, you can use this program up to 10 times. You can find more details about the program and its sign-up link here.


This Swiss exchange offers 30% recurring commission for every new referral. Affiliate payments are made every month. Your referees will have to download the application and make a deposit of at-least €50 or more for you to be rewarded. Both you and your referees receive a rewards ticket that can be €100 worth of bitcoin. You can find more information about the referral program here.

Crypto Wallets Affiliate Programs

These are some of the popular cryptocurrency wallets and their affiliate programs.


This cryptocurrency wallet offers a Pay-per-Sale affiliate program, which means you get a commission for every purchase that your referrals make. They offer two tiers of commission, one at 12% and the other at 15%. Payments can either be wired directly to your bank account (for currencies USD, EUR, or CZK) or deposited in Bitcoin. You can find more details about their affiliate program here.


This wallet offers a 10% commission for each sale. If you have a social media account in the field of finance, then you can easily sign up for their program. You can find more details about their program here.


They offer a 25% commission, considered to be highest in crypto wallet affiliate programs, for every sale made through your affiliate link. You can find their sign-up link here.


Billfodl is a fire- and flood-proof device that lets you store your seed phrase – the one that gives you access to your cryptocurrencies in your wallet. Their affiliate program offers their promoters a 15% cut off of any purchase that the referees make on their website. You can find more detail about the device and the sign-up link here.  

Other Crypto Affiliate Programs

A Ads

They are a one-of-a-kind bitcoin advertising network that offers website traffic through its various publishers. If someone joins their network via your referral link, then you get half of the advertising fees during six months without any expenses. You can find more details about their affiliate program here.

It is a popular software that helps prepare taxes for all your cryptocurrency investments. They offer a 25% recurring commission on every purchase that your referee makes on their website. You are able to withdraw the payments at a minimum of $30. You can find more details about their terms here. If you want to sign-up for their affiliate program, then you can visit here.


It is an all-in-one cryptocurrency wallet and exchange application that offers you to store and generate interest on your cryptocurrencies. Their affiliate program includes a $25 signing bonus for every referee that joins through your link. Additionally, you are rewarded $25 whenever an amount of $5 is deposited (by the referee) using a US bank account. They, thus, offer bonuses to both the promoter and the person who joins through their link. You can find more details about their referral program here.


It is a cryptocurrency exchange that offers derivatives products on coin-margined inverse perpetual contracts (BTCUSD, ETHUSD, XRPUSD and the like). If your referee makes a deposit on the exchange and places a trade on the BTCUSD Inverse Perpetual Contracts, then both of you will receive a $10 bonus in bitcoin. There is no upper limit to the number of referees that you can bring. You can also expect to get some seasonal rewards. More details here.


It is a peer-to-peer bitcoin exchange platform where users can change their local currency to bitcoins. They offer a commission program for referees that are directed to their site using your referral link, deposit money, and make a trade. They offer commission for both the buyers and sellers i.e., you get 20% trading fees from both, totaling your commission to 40%. You can find more details about the program here.


It is a platform that allows you to buy and sell a range of cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, among others. Their affiliate program is open to anyone from bloggers to product recommendation specialists. They offer 30% lifetime commissions on all your referee’s purchases on their site. They do not have an upper limit to the number of referees you can bring. You can find more information about their program here

Many of these affiliate programs can help in streamlining another source of decent passive income. If you have been writing about cryptocurrencies, or even finance in general, you can sign up for a program that pays a consistent higher return. Some of them might have terms that you’d need to look at before signing up. These conditions can help determine which programs you should apply for. 

Bitcoin Crypto Affiliate Programs


Affiliate marketing is a great way of making some additional income without having to do any extra work. While it is a straightforward process, a certain amount of reputation is also staked when a content creator promotes a particular product/service. 

Choosing a program of a product that content creators themselves use will help in more referrals as the users will be tempted to sign up for that.