DXOne Cryptocurrency Exchange: The Big Review 2022

DXOne is among the most talked-about new cryptocurrency exchanges today. As more investors turn to cryptocurrencies as an investment vehicle, the pool of available exchanges has grown and become more competitive. This has prompted new exchanges like DXOne to find ways to be more efficient, useful, and lucrative for potential crypto trader users. In a crowded space of crypto exchanges, DXOne stands out. Below, we explore many of the reasons why DXOne deserves your attention.

Overview for Fast Readers

  • DXOne is a new cryptocurrency exchange platform that was launched in 2020.
  • The exchange aims to consolidate research, analytics, news, real-time market info, and more along with a powerful trading platform. This makes DXOne a one-stop-shop for crypto traders of all kinds.
  • DXOne’s unique two-token model includes both a native security token and a native utility token. The security token, DX1S, is a crypto investment vehicle which also enables holders to participate in the exchange’s unique revenue sharing model for a portion of trading and other fees. The utility token, DX1U, allows users to claim trading discounts of up to 50% off of trading fees while also holding on to DX1U tokens.
  • Knowing that user experience is key for cryptocurrency investors, DXOne provides ample ways to modify and customize the information, tools, and resources you see on your dashboard.
  • The exchange offers low fees, an extensive list of supported crypto tokens, robust security, and a quick account creation process that allows users the potential to begin to trade within minutes.

DXOne in Review

DXOne launched in 2020 with the express goal of delivering more than other crypto exchanges. It aims to be a one-stop and tailor-made solution for crypto investors at every level from novice to professional. Recognizing that user experience (UX) is key to the success of an exchange, DXOne’s founders set out to create a platform with best-in-class UX and a full range of trading, research, analytics, and news tools easily available in one place. Another unique aspect of DXOne is its unique dual token model which provides investors not only additional sources of revenue but also reduced trading fees. Together, these are some of the features that set DXOne apart.

Starting even with account creation, DXOne’s emphasis on user experience and accessibility comes through clearly. It can take just minutes to go from the beginning of the account creation process to making a first trade, much faster than many other platforms.

Reiff DXOne Review 1 Dashboard

Once your account is up and running, the flexibility and robustness of DXOne’s platform allow you to cater the experience to your investment style and knowledge. Looking for a straightforward buy-and-sell platform with not much else to get in the way? Simply make use of the easy-to-read “Account Summary” section of the DXOne Wallet page, which allows you to easily and quickly see all of your crypto balances, make purchases, and initiate withdrawals.

Reiff DXOne Review 2 Account Summary

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a much more advanced trading experience, DXOne can provide that as well. DXOne’s Research section has ready-made charts, benchmarks, price tracking, and other analytics easily accessible.

Reiff DXOne Review 3 Research

What is Special About DXOne?

Even with all of the features above, DXOne still has much more to offer. Read on for a more detailed breakdown of some of the special offerings available only through this platform.

Trading Tools

DXOne offers two ready-made tools to get started trading immediately. For beginner investors or those investors seeking to make simple purchases or crypto conversions, “Easy Trading” streamlines the process so that these actions can be accomplished in just a few clicks.

Reiff DXOne Review 4 Easy Trading

On the other hand, the more robust “Trading” feature provides a host of additional options and information. Investors should use this tool if you are searching for detailed crypto-to-crypto comparisons and performance charts, a multitude of trade options, easy access to an order book, and more related features.

Reiff DXOne Review 5 Trading

DXOne’s platform is HTML5-based, meaning that it is easily accessed by any web-enabled device.

Dual Tokens and Token Holding Model

Among the many unique features of the DXOne ecosystem is its special token model which makes use of two tokens, DX1S and DX1U. DX1S is the platform’s security token, a crypto investment vehicle which facilitates owner participation in DXOne’s revenue share model. By holding DX1S tokens and meeting certain requirements related to Know Your Customer (KYC) and related verifications, users are eligible to earn a share of the platform’s revenues, which we examine more closely below.
DX1U, on the other hand, is DXOne’s utility token, which provides holders a range of trading fee discounts when trading on the platform. Users may be eligible for discounts of up to 50%. DX1U tokens are unique among native crypto exchange tokens in that they are based on a token holding model. When users holding DX1U tokens receive a discount on trading fees, they retain ownership of their utility tokens; there is no need to trade them in or exchange them for fee discounts. This makes these tokens particularly useful for traders of all kinds, especially those making frequent trades on DXOne.

Revenue Share Model

As mentioned above, DX1S holders gain access to the platform’s unique revenue share model. This revolutionary system within the cryptocurrency exchange space allows users to receive a monthly share of revenue from various types of trading fees. In this way, DXOne makes use of passive investment incentives from traditional investing as a way of strengthening its offerings to crypto traders.

Easy Dashboard and Widget Customization

Aside from the easy-to-use pre-made trading tools above, one of the key strengths of DXOne is the dashboard and widget customization feature. Users can choose to include a wide range of widget resources in a customized dashboard, including coin lists, order book information, news, tickets, watch and trade lists, and much more. The process of creating a new dashboard is straightforward and seamless.

Reiff DXOne Review 6 Custom Dashboard

Users can also adjust the visual aspect of the dashboard to their liking as well by selecting from grid, flex, and windows layouts. Best of all, DXOne allows multiple custom dashboards at once, so investors can fully tailor the experience to their liking. You can even import a workspace that has been shared with you by another user.

Reiff DXOne Review 7 Layout

Research Platform

As mentioned above, DXOne also has a wide array of research and news resources available within the trading platform. This is a key but often overlooked offering. While some other crypto exchanges provide trading tools but minimal research, users seeking research materials may need to find them at another source. This costs valuable time, and DXOne aims to make the process as efficient as possible by putting all that you might need together in one place.

Crypto Credit Card Purchases

One way that DXOne users are able to initiate crypto trades so quickly after launching a new account is through the platform’s credit card purchase capabilities. While DXOne offers a range of payment methods in keeping with industry-wide offerings, credit card purchases are fast and unique as compared with many other exchanges.

Reiff DXOne Review 8 Credit Card

Secure and Highly Regulated

With any cryptocurrency exchange, particularly a new platform, users may understandably be concerned about security. DXOne makes use of the latest tools to protect user accounts. Users must complete extensive verification and identity documentation in order to gain full access to the platform. Users can rest easy knowing that their holdings are secure. DXOne and both of the platform’s native tokens are approved by FMA Liechtenstein.

Constant Low Fees

Crypto investors consider fees heavily when deciding on a platform to use for trades. DXOne offers low fees by default, with the potential for further reductions based on user trading volume, DX1U discounts, and more.

Reiff DXOne Review 9 Fees

How to Use DXOne

Using DXOne is straightforward, whether you’ve had ample experience trading cryptos before or if you’re a beginner. When you first create your account, the platform will walk you through some of the basics to get started. Trades can be accessed through several different channels in the DXOne platform, including the aforementioned account summary page, the “Trading” section, and more. When making a purchase, DXOne will prompt you to put in all necessary information and verifications depending upon your payment method. Otherwise, if you’re looking for a more detailed guide to buying and selling cryptocurrencies on DXOne, look to Thebitcamp’s detailed overview.

DXOne Exchange Review Summary

DXOne is quickly earning a well-deserved reputation as a competitive new cryptocurrency exchange. The platform is easy to use, adaptable, and comprehensive for all experience levels and trading styles. With its unique two-token and token holding models, the potential benefits of participating in DXOne’s native token market are significant. The exchange offers low fees, an extensive list of supported tokens, and the possibility of passive income through a revenue share model. Perhaps best of all, DXOne’s founders have made it clear that they intend to innovate the platform as it grows, so users can be sure that new features and offerings are always on the way.