The Beginner’s Guide to the DXOne Exchange

When beginning to buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrencies, investors may be inclined to search for the most straightforward exchange interface or the best-known platform. While there are advantages to these considerations, it also pays to do a more thorough exploration of what a cryptocurrency exchange can offer as well. New cryptocurrency exchange DXOne goes above and beyond the basic offerings of its more-established competitors to provide a platform that is fully customizable and designed with user experience in mind, no matter whether you are a seasoned investment pro or brand new to the cryptocurrency space. Below, we explore some of the ins and outs of taking advantage of all that DXOne has to offer.

Overview for Fast Readers

  • DXOne is a cryptocurrency exchange emphasizing user experience, customizable resources, and adaptability.
  • The platform is designed as a one-stop-shop for crypto investors at all levels and allows users to fully customize their experience with a range of data, analysis, research, news, and more.
  • DXOne simplifies the account creation process so that new users can begin buying or depositing crypto within minutes.
  • The exchange sets itself apart by its unique dual token model. DX1S is a security token which is an investment vehicle that provides holders with access to the platform’s revenue sharing program, through which users can gain a share of trading fee revenues. DX1U is a utility token that provides holders significant discounts on trading fees while also allowing them to maintain ownership of their DX1U tokens in the process.

What is the DXOne Exchange?

DXOne is a cryptocurrency exchange which aims to go beyond the basic functionality of buying and selling cryptos. The platform offers real-time data and research via a customizable trading dashboard. DXOne also stands out among other crypto exchanges because of its unique dual token model which incorporates both a DXOne Security Token (DX1S) and a DXOne Utility Token (DX1U). These tokens facilitate and enhance user experience while also providing opportunities for revenue sharing and other benefits, as we will explore in detail below.

Who are the Founders of DXOne?

The founders of DXOne include Luciano Nonnis, Frederik Garnies, Matthias Wiederwach, Richard Karneim, Mario Urschitz and Dirk Richter.

What is the Goal of the DXOne Exchange?

In its whitepaper, DXOne explains that its mission is to “revolutionize the cryptocurrency trading market.” It aims to do this by being a one-stop solution for research, data, analysis, and trading. The platform also aims to continuously develop its services in order to stay at the forefront of investor needs.

What is the DXOne Security Token (DX1S)?

DX1S is the DXOne security token. It is a crypto investment vehicle representing a tokenized revenue share system. By holding DX1S tokens, investors are eligible to participate in sharing of revenues from a variety of trading fees on the exchange. In order to receive monthly dividends, DX1S token holders must pass the exchange’s Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering checks and hold DX1S tokens continuously for at least 16 days during the respective month.

What is the DXOne Utility Token (DX1U)?

DX1U is the DXOne utility token. It is designed to provide a discount on trading fees for investors trading on the DXOne platform. Traders holding a set minimum number of DX1U tokens will receive 25% to 50% discounts on trading fees through the exchange. These tokens are not deducted when used to discount trading fees, unlike many other platforms. DX1U tokens are not sold by DXOne. Rather, they are distributed. Recipients of DX1U tokens include DX1S token recipients, who receive DX1U on a 1:1 ratio, and participants in the platform’s referral program. Though DXOne does not intend to sell DX1U tokens, it is possible that a market for the DX1U token may develop on other exchanges or through P2P trading.

How to Create a DXOne Account

Eligible investors can create an account quickly and easily by navigating to and inputting some basic information. Because the trading platform is HTML5-based, investors can access their accounts from any device which supports web browsing. Below, we’ll look at a detailed step-by-step guide to creating an account with DXOne.

1. Navigate to Account Creation page

The first step toward creating a DXOne account is to access the account creation or registration page. This can be accessed by going to and clicking the blue “Open Free Account” button on the left, or by clicking on “Register” in the upper right corner.

Reiff DXOne Guide 0 Homepage

2. Input Basic Info

On the account creation page, you’ll be asked to input basic information including your name, email address, and a password. Do so and click “Further” at the bottom to move to the next part of the account creation process.

Reiff DXOne Guide 1 Basic Info

3. Accept Privacy Policy

After adding your basic info, you’ll be prompted to accept the DXOne Privacy Policy. Review the privacy policy and contact DXOne support with any questions before you move along in the process. When you’re ready to continue, click “Accept.”

Reiff DXOne Guide 2 Privacy Policy

4. Verify Email

DXOne will now send a verification email to the email address you provided in step 2 above. Once you’ve received that email, click on the link provided to verify your address.

Reiff DXOne Guide 3 Verify Email

5. Visit Main Dashboard Page

With that, you’ve created your basic account and you can begin to explore all that DXOne has to offer. You’ll need to complete some additional identity and KYC verification processes in order to take full advantage of the platform, but for now you can begin to customize your dashboard experience, view and interact with the data, news, and analysis on the platform, and even make initial crypto transactions.

Reiff DXOne Guide 4 Dashboard

How to Use the DXOne Exchange

One of the many benefits of DXOne is that it is very easy to begin to buy and sell cryptocurrencies once you’ve created an account. Users can begin funding an account by adding money from a bank and can even purchase cryptocurrencies using credit cards. To make the process as easy as possible, DXOne does not require users to have a cryptocurrency wallet in order to make purchases either. Below, we outline the steps to get started buying cryptocurrencies and making a withdrawal.

Buy Cryptos

1. Initiate a Buy Order

There are multiple ways to begin an order to buy cryptocurrencies through the DXOne platform. When you first log in to your account, you’ll see a welcome screen that prompts you to either buy cryptos or deposit pre-existing crypto funds. If you don’t already hold cryptocurrencies or if you want to buy cryptos with fiat currency, you can click on the buy option on the left.

Reiff DXOne Guide 5 Welcome Options

Another straightforward way you can access the buy order screen is to look to the menu at the top of the main dashboard. Find the header labeled “Trading” and click on “Easy Trading” in the menu that pops up below. This opens up a quick crypto conversion window. You can click on “Buy Crypto” on the right side of the screen to initiate an order as well.

Reiff DXOne Guide 6 Conversion Window

Either path will lead you to the buy order page.

2. Set the Specifics of the Order

On the buy order page, make sure that the tab labeled “Buy Crypto” at the upper right corner is selected. Then, fill in the information below for your order. This includes the quantity in fiat currency as well as the currency type, the cryptocurrency you wish to purchase, and your payment method and payment provider, which may depend on your location and other factors.

Reiff DXOne Guide 7 Buy Crypto

As you input information, DXOne populates the pay and receive section in the middle of the screen to show you the quantity of your selected cryptocurrency that you’ll receive for the amount of fiat you pay.

3. Acknowledge the Disclaimer

Before continuing to payment, read and acknowledge the disclaimer toward the bottom of the buy order page.

Reiff DXOne Guide 8 Disclaimer

4. Continue With Payment Processing

Depending on your selected payment method, you’ll then need to complete additional steps to finalize your payment and order. In the case of an order paid by credit card, you’ll be taken to a site to input your credit card information and verify your identity.

Reiff DXOne Guide 9 Credit Card

The payment provider from the buy order page helps to facilitate this part of the process, so you may be taken to a non-DXOne site in order to complete the payment and finalize the order.

Withdraw Cryptos

1. Initiate a Withdrawal

In order to sell your cryptos through DXOne and receive fiat currency, you’ll need to initiate a withdrawal. Like buy orders, withdrawals can be set up in multiple ways. The easiest option is to look to the toolbar at the top of the dashboard page and to the “Wallet” header. In the menu that pops up underneath, visit “Account Summary.” This pulls up a helpful list of cryptocurrencies available for purchase or trade through DXOne, as well as your current holdings. On the right side of the screen, green “Buy/Deposit” and red “Withdrawal” buttons appear for cryptos that are eligible based on your account and holdings. Click on “Withdrawal” to begin.

Reiff DXOne Guide 10 Withdrawal Action

You can also look to the “Withdrawals” option in the “Wallet” header menu, then click on the blue button labeled “New Withdrawal” in the top right corner.

Reiff DXOne Guide 11 New Withdrawal

2. Input Withdrawal Info

The withdrawal page will pop up, prompting you to specify the details of your withdrawal. You can select the cryptocurrency and amount, input a destination such as an address, and view the associated fees here. Once you’re satisfied with the withdrawal, click “Submit” to process.

Reiff DXOne Guide 12 Withdrawal

At this point the withdrawal order is in process. Withdrawing cryptos could not be more straightforward!

Which Countries Does DXOne Support?

DXOne is constantly expanding its geographical operations. As of this writing, the platform is available in all countries except for those in the following list:

USA, Albania, Belarus, Bosnia, Burma, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Cote D’Ivoire, the Crimea region of Ukraine, Croatia, Cuba, Herzegovina, Iran, Iraq, Kosovo, Lebanon, Liberia, Libya, Macedonia, Moldova, Serbia, Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan, Syria, Venezuela, Yemen, and Zimbabwe.


DXOne is a versatile, one-stop-shop cryptocurrency exchange that aims to provide everything a cryptocurrency investor at any level may need. The platform dashboard is fully customizable with data, analysis, charts, news, and more, allowing beginners to eliminate unwanted information and more seasoned investors to create a robust trading space. The account creation process is straightforward and can be completed in minutes, and users can begin to buy or deposit cryptos immediately after account verification.
One of the most unique and compelling parts of DXOne is its dual token model. The platform offers both a security token (DX1S) and a utility token (DX1U). DX1S is an investment vehicle which provides holders with access to DXOne’s unique revenue sharing model. Through this model, holders of DX1S tokens receive monthly payments of a portion of revenue from DXOne platform fees that is related to the number of DX1S tokens they hold. DX1U is a utility token which provides holders with certain discounts on trading fees over the DXOne platform. DX1U is unique in that it operates under a token holding model whereby investors maintain their share of DX1U tokens while trading, rather than having to give them up in order to receive trading fee discounts.